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The opportunity to secure a long-term revenue from joining us is only limited by the effort you put in. We provide the tools to do the job, you supply the elbow grease and the operational costs.More information is available in our Business OpportunityBrochure which is available via the link below. 


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Totallymoving Property Sales, Letting and Management Opportunity

According to Govt. Statistics there were 1,074,000 residential property transactions in the UK in 2013, worth nearly £254bn. Assuming the traditional Estate Agency fee structure, say 0.75% of sale price, this means there’s potentially £1.9Billion of fees available to share.  Our proposal can help you get your share!potential revenue streams

How people search for a new home is changing, there’s now over 80% of successful home buyers using the internet to search for property and this number is growing all the time. Along with this those who found their next home as a result of local area advertising or because they saw a ‘for sale’ board in front of the property; this figure rises to a lot closer to 100%. This is resulting in the traditional estate agency model becoming out of date in our view, but  we believe some bits of that model, such as quality personal service, are not negotiable and clients will continue to expect such service whether they sell their property online or do so via an online estate agency. was created to provide home buyers and sellers with all the tools, information, guidance and support they need when buying, selling or renting a property.  We are doing this by providing a more cost effective and controllable solution than that provided by more traditional ‘high street’ estate agencies and believe our unique offering of potential revenue streams sets us above other online estate agency models.

We have created a website brand which is unique and distinctive in the market place, one which has a growing reputation for excellence.  We are now seeking expressions of interest from entrepreneurs who wish to join us on this exciting journey. In a nutshell, intends to be a ‘one stop shop’ solution to help those buying, selling and/or renting a property find everything they need in a single place.

The way property is bought and sold in the UK is changing rapidly and is already at the head of those changes.  Over the coming years we believe that the estate agency sector is going to change and you can be a part of that by having your own totallymoving branded property sales, letting and management business.

As a Licensee you would be free to choose your geographic area of operation, based upon a 5km radius of your office location (or home if you choose to work from home).  All instructions within that area would be yours and you alone would decide how you progress these.  For instance you may choose local newspaper advertising or not, the choice is yours; you may choose to distribute leaflets, again the choice is yours.

All we ask is that you have the drive, ambition and interpersonal skills to create a sustainable business in your local area, one which is based upon sound principles of honesty, fairness and professional service to our clients.

From our end we’ll provide you with the tools and guidance you need to succeed, along with access to a network of specialist property professionals.

Now is the time to get on board with the revolution and is providing you with the tools you need to do so, quickly, simply and at a low start-up cost.