Totallymoving Franchise Territories

Secure your new business territory

Totallymoving agents will, upon sign-up, be granted the exclusive right to use the Totallymoving brand and process within a defined geographic area.  As agent you can choose to operate in a single defined area or alternatively several, even having sub-agents in areas so you can effectively build a local network of agents and as such benefit from the revenue they create.

By way of example, in the first instance you may choose to cover the postcode areas closet to your home/office and thereafter expand into adjacent postcodes or ones nearby which may be more profitable (for instance where higher value properties are situated and thus potentially higher fee income generated).  The choice is yours, but  is subject to our approval and availability of a particular postcode area.  However once we agree to your area, then it remains yours during the licensing period (subject to terms & conditions).

Totallymoving is looking for self-motivated,  ambitious franchisees that can build a business from a standing start and can quickly grow this within their specific postcode areas.  Going forward we are hopeful that initial entrants will grow and have sub-agents working beneath them.

The size of your territory would be determined by the number of postcodes you wish to cover, (eg. BH1, M20, YO1, etc..)  The more postcodes you cover the more opportunity there will be, i.e. more households/transactions to aim for.

postcode map

The standard franchise fee is £750 + VAT which enables you to select postcodes with up to 5,000 households (based on CENSUS data 2011), by way of example, if you chose M20 that would generate circa 1,056 households, as such you have a further 4,000 or so households available so addition more postcodes to that, say M21, would increase towards your limit of 5,000.

We do stipulate, however, that postcodes chosen must be adjoining each other and not split between more than 2 local authority area.  This is adopted to avoid people cherry picking all the postcodes in a particular city/location, leaving only poor quality postcode sectors for others to manage. For the purposes of Rightmove advertising (which requires the advertiser to be within 5km 0f their office), postcode sectors therefore need to fit within that criteria so your properties can be advertised on Rightmove (which is a must in the modern world).

Where a franchisee can demonstrate that they can support a larger territory or where they employ a sub-agent to act, then an addition fee of £750 + VAT is payable for each additional 5,000 households.

Where a potential franchisee can demonstrate that they are able to support a larger territory, additional postcode areas can be

It’s worth noting that franchise territories will be allocated on a strictly first-come first-served basis (on successful completion of a application and interview), so don’t delay, apply today!